Posted in 2022

Animation of two-axis tracker shading

In this blog post I’ll show how to create an animation demonstrating self-shading of a two-axis tracker within a solar collector field.

gif demonstrating shading during one day

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DMI API Tutorial

This tutorial gives an introduction on how to use the Danish Meteorological Institute’s (DMI) API to download meterological observation data (v2).


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Satellite-derived irradiance maps

Satellite-derived irradiance data has several benefits over ground-measured irradiance despite its lower accuracy. The main advantages include a large geographical coverage (continents), long-timespan (multiple decades), and low cost.


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How to add an inset map with Cartopy in Python

You know that small map that shows a zoomed-in view of a part of a bigger map? Well, it’s called an inset map, and according to Wikipedia:


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